High Voltage Motors

High Voltage motors are utilized in rugged environments where the ability to get the work done depends solely on the smooth operations of these motors. The biggest USP of these motors is that they consume few amps of energy to do an extensive amount of work.

Low Voltage Motors

Low Voltage motors help consumers to save energy, improve productivity and generate the appropriate amount of energy to run the machines. They are environment-friendly and hence are considered as a critical asset in modern industrial applications.

Energy Efficient Motors

These motors are engineered with supreme quality materials and modern techniques, hence they are considered as an additional benefit in a company. They have high-service factors, longer insulation, and a lower waste-heat output; all of which results in high reliability.

Motors for Hazardous Areas

Motors for Hazardous areas are majorly classified into two categories, viz. HV Flame Proof Motors and LV Flame Proof Motors. CG Motor Distributors in India was the first company to introduce ‘flameproof and increased safety’ motors for application in hazardous areas.

DC Motors

DC Motors are utilized for converting direct current electric power into mechanical power. A lightweight DC motor is used in portable tools and toys, etc, whereas larger DC motors are used in electric vehicles, elevators, etc.