Domestic & Commercial Luminaires

Domestic & Commercial Luminaires are used in residential and office spaces. CG lighting business has been a pioneer in this field for over 130 years. A wide range of lights, based on stylish designs, high/low voltage and specific applications are available for the consumer to choose from.

Industrial & Floodlight Luminaires

Industrial and Floodlight luminaires are used in open spaces like parking lots, playgrounds, industries, yard, recreational areas, etc. These designs are suitable for outdoor illumination. Principally, they help in saving energy and increasing savings in maintenance cost.

Street Light Luminaires

The lights used on the streets and other public spaces which are energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing are known as Street Light Luminaries. They are manufactured with state of the art techniques and quality raw materials to ensure efficiency and energy saving behaviour.

Flameproof / Clean Room Luminaires

Flameproof Luminaires are specially engineered type of lights made for high resistance to heat in industrial and commercial spaces. Clean Room luminaires are known for their energy efficiency and low maintenance.

LED Fittings

LED fittings are known for their ability to save energy. They have practically revolutionized the look of ceilings by their unique and stylish designs. These lights are a perfect match for the modern interiors of the new-age offices/residences.